About KS Studio

KS Studio started December 2015 in Beek en Donk, The Netherlands, owned and engineered by Dirk Verspaget.
After years of (and still) playing in several bands it was time to fulfill a long last dream: building a studio capable of recording bands of all styles and genres. Knowing that "good intentions" doesn't necessarily translate to a good mix Dirk first enrolled the audio engineering study at the SEN institute.

The goal of KS Studio is to provide value for money. Making great productions available for every band or artist.

Provided services

KS Studio can take care of the following:
  • Complete production
  • Recording tracks, including drums (up to 32 tracks)
  • Mixing multi-tracks, whether recorded @KS Studio, an other studio or by yourself
  • Mastering of stereo tracks
  • Re-amping guitar & bass DI tracks
  • Digital distribution (Spotify, Deezer, etc)